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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the phone number for CHILDRENS PLACE?

Childrens Place Credit Card Contact Customer Service Phone Number. Phone Number of Childrens Place Credit Card Contact is +1-877-752-2387 . The Children's Place features a line up of credit cards known as PLACE which can be used in online shopping, payments and redeeming and collecting rewards.

What is a Childs Place?

A Child's Place is an early childhood center where children are seekers, teachers are guides, parents are partners, and administrators are leaders. It is a caring place where children are valued for their wonder, curiosity, and generosity of spirit.

What is child application?

A child patent application is filed while a parent application is still pending (i.e., not issued or abandoned). By linking a child to a parent through a priority claim, the child application benefits from the priority date of the parent(s).

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