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Frequently Asked Questions

How early can you put a child in daycare?

But the situation is completely opposite when both the parents are working. Then there is early requirement to put the child in Daycare. The appropriate age there is after 6 months, as the child is in its growing age, so it is required to take care of the kid themselves.

When should children stay home from childcare?

Not only for the sake of the preschool or daycare center but also for your child’s comfort. Wait 24 hours after the last instance before sending your child back to school. Keep your child home for at least 24 hours so that he/she can gather strength and get back to normal before returning to school.

Should I send my child to daycare?

Spend some time with your child at daycare . Most carers and centres will allow this - if they don't it might be a better idea to try somewhere else. Send baby to daycare on days when you are able to pick them up if you need to - this way you can both get used to the idea.

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