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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Childrens Mercy?

Children's Mercy is an Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education institutional sponsor. Graduate medical education focuses on the development of programs based on the ACGME core competencies and the acquisition of clinical skills.

What is Childrens Health Alliance?

The Children’s Health Alliance was formerly known as the Pediatric IPA (the Pediatric Independent Physician Association). Private pediatricians in the Portland metropolitan community formed the IPA in 1998 to represent primary care pediatricians collectively in health plan contracting.

What is a Mercy Hospital?

Mercy Hospital is a secondary hospital in Port Charles, New York. It is known as the hospital where patients without health insurance can go and receive treatment. However, Mercy does not have as good a reputation as General Hospital, many characters have referred to the hospital's staff as "The butchers at Mercy.".

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