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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the literature for children and young adults program?

The Literature for Children and Young Adults program offers graduate students opportunities to pursue deep study in the history and evolution of children’s and young adult literature. Such study include: literary theory and its links with multicultural and international children’s and young adult literature;

What does the children's literature unit do?

In collaboration with Seven Stories, the Children's Literature Unit hosts the annual Fickling Lecture on Developments in Children's Literature. We have a thriving research community centred around the Children's Literature Unit Graduate Group (CLUGG).

Why study children's literature at Dal?

Faculty and students are nationally and internationally recognized scholars in many literary genres. Students in this program pursue disciplined and rigorous inquiries in the history, evolution and current trends of children’s and young adult literature.

What do students study in literature?

Students study literature as an art form that borrows from and refracts historic and contemporary discourses. They also closely analyze social life and the natural world, social relationships and narratives. Additional focus is spent on the analyses of written and visual forms, genres and content in children’s and young adult literature.

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