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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you incorporate literature into math activities?

DIVE RIGHT IN! "My advice to educators just beginning to incorporate literature into math activities is to choose a book and dive in," said Burns. "Read the story aloud to the class and discuss it as you would any other book. Then introduce an activity.

What is the relationship between math and literature?

Math and Literature: A Match Made in the Classroom. "Combining math and literature in classroom activities is a way for teachers to invite children into the world of math," stated Burns. "Reading books that weave mathematical ideas into engaging stories helps dispel the myth that math is dry, unimaginative, and inaccessible.

Why teach math with children's books?

Children's books can not only generate interest in math but also provide contexts that help bring meaning to abstract concepts. Using children's literature is a win-win -- for children and for teachers." CHILDREN'S LITERATURE OPENS DOORS TO MATHEMATICS

What are the best math books for kids?

17 Children’s Books About Math. 1 17 Math Books for Kids. 2 Counting Crocodiles. 3 The Grapes of Math. 4 Math Fables. 5 Ten Apples Up On Top! More items

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