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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some synonyms for kids?

Synonyms for Kids: n. v. •ridicules (verb) mimics, jokes, humiliates, taunts, gibes, insults, ridicules, derides, quips, burlesques, razzes, mocks, roasts, Jeers, jests, rags, Caricatures, sneers, rides, denigrates, deprecates, scoffs. Other synonyms: • kid.

What is the best way to learn vocabulary?

The best way to learn new words is to use them, play with them, listen to them, and apply them. While it is possible to learn new words out of context, like with flash cards,, or word of the day calendars, to actually stick in a child’s memory you need to add repetition and application.

What is the best definition for kids?

Kids Definition of best. 1 : better than all others He's the best speller in the class. 2 : most appropriate, useful, or helpful This is the best way to solve the problem.

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