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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find an online dictionary for kids?

WORD CENTRAL This website uses definitions from the Merriam-Webster Online Student Dictionary. Although it was created for students ages 11-14, it has an easy-to-use format and includes a pronunciation guide, spoken pronunciation, part of speech, and multiple definitions. It includes over 70,000 words and over 700 illustrations.

What is the Merriam-Webster children's Dictionary?

The Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary combines the lexicographic excellence of America's most trusted and prestigious dictionary publisher with DK's world renowned design and visual flair. Works of art and graphics provide instant visual definitions and deepen the understanding of the text.

Where can I find a higher level children's version of dictionary?

A higher-level children’s version can be found at: LEARNER’S DICTIONARY This is one of several free Merriam-Webster online dictionaries.

Is there a printable spelling dictionary for kids?

Print the pdf file with the spelling dictionary for kids. Children will now have their own handy free printable dictionary to reference commonly misspelled words and add their own words to the word bank. This is a fantastic reference took to allow students to reference the spelling of words right at their fingertips.

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