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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic rules of checkers game?

The Basic Rules of Checkers. A piece (piece or king) can only move to a vacant square. A move can also consist of one or more jumps (next paragraph). Jumping: You capture an opponent's piece by jumping over it, diagonally, to the adjacent vacant square beyond it. A king can jump diagonally, forward or backward.

Is checkers better than chess?

Another really good reason that chess is better than checkers is that only really smart and noble people play chess. People who tend to play checkers more are people who don t like to think and want to take the easy rout.

How do you play the game of checkers?

Quick Answer. You play checkers by moving one of your game pieces one square forward in a diagonal direction with each turn, and trying to capture your opponent's pieces. Checkers is a game for two players, each with 12 game pieces on an alternating dark and light grid.

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