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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when you click on a checkbox in JavaScript?

When the tr or td in which the checkbox is located is clicked, the checkbox should be checked. When you click directly on a checkbox, the onchange event is fired, so you'll get an alert. When the checkbox' value is changed by javascript (when you click on the tr or td), onchange is not fired.

What is the difference between checking employed checkbox and unchecking checkbox?

On the simple example: Checking Employed checkbox just sets the input's value="true". Unchecking sets it to value="false". I believe it should leave value alone and instead add the checked property to the input. On the radio buttons, checked is never set. The checked is being set in the code.

What is the difference between onclick and onchange?

Because onclick will invoke your method regardles if the checkbox's value actually changes, for example, selecting the label will trigger the event. However, if you use onchange, it will only trigger the event if you tick the checkbox istself and the value changes from tru to false or false to true.

Why is the checkbox checked when L oading the page?

The checkbox is checked when l oading the page, because the value comes from the DB (actually, a store which uses REST API to get and update the data). As I fear I wasn't clear enough (or maybe I misunderstood your comment), I've uploaded here a screencast of the issue. Sorry, I wasn't clear enough.

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