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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Bootstrap checkboxes?

Bootstrap checkboxes by Kostya. This checkbox example developed by Kostya is a combination of a button and a checkbox. The button text is ‘Default Checkbox’ that needs to be changed to an appropriate item name if you want to use it on your website. The button’s background color is light grey.

How do I change the default color in Bootstrap?

The custom look is governed by the custom-* CSS classes. As you are seeing, the default color is Bootstrap's primary "blue" color. To make it green, you would have to override or add your own custom CSS class (es). Here is an example that uses a new class so that if you still want to use the default blue sometimes, you can.

How do I style checkboxes?

To style checkboxes, use a wrapper element with class="form-check" to ensure proper margins for labels and checkboxes. Then, add the .form-check-label class to label elements, and .form-check-input to style checkboxes properly inside the .form-check container. Use the checked attribute if you want the checkbox to be checked by default.

What are browser default checkboxes and radios?

Browser default checkboxes and radios are replaced with the help of .form-check, a series of classes for both input types that improves the layout and behavior of their HTML elements, that provide greater customization and cross browser consistency.

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