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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you check the status of an unemployment claim?

If your claim has been approved but you suspect your weekly payment is late, you can check the status of your certification online. You can check up to five weeks at once. If you prefer, you can check your certification status by calling 800-752-7389.

Is unemployment compensation taxed?

Although it doesn't seem quite fair, the IRS does consider unemployment income as taxable income, as do most states. On the bright side, if your sole source of income was from unemployment, and that income was less than the taxable threshhold after exemptions and deductions, you might not owe any taxes.

What is a tax refund?

A tax refund is a reimbursement to taxpayers who have overpaid their taxes, often due to having employers withhold too much from paychecks. The U.S. Treasury estimates that nearly three-fourths of taxpayers are over-withheld, resulting in tax refunds. Overpaying taxes can be viewed as an interest-free loan to the government.

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