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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you open a Chase account online?

An individual can open a checking account with JPMorgan Chase & Co. online at In the Products & Services section, he can choose the type of account he wishes to open, then review the monthly fees, minimum deposits, and various features and benefits of each type of Chase checking account. As...

How do I create a Chase bank account?

Step One. Visit the official website of JP Morgan Chase bank at, in the home page, press "Log In or Enroll". Then, press "Enroll to Chase Online Now". ... Step Two. Enter Personal Information and Choose Your User ID. ... Step Six. Do not forget to read and accept the terms and conditions when using Chase Online banking.

Is Chase Bank a credit union?

Chase is not a credit union it is a for profit corporation. It is a commercial bank. A federal credit union is not for profit and is owned by its share holders and the profit goes back to its members in the form of low interst rates and dividends.

How do I Check my Chase account balance?

There are several convenient ways to check your Chase Liquid balance: Sign up for Account Alerts by email, text message, phone call or iPhone push notification. Visit, call us at 1-877-712-0088 or go to any Chase ATM or your nearest branch to obtain your balance.

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