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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is charter manufacturing company?

Charter Manufacturing Company, Inc. is a family-owned steel and iron production and manufacturing company that was founded in the 1930s. Our will to grow is our success. It is the result of Charter's respected team of employees, each person’s dedication to continuous improvement and an entrepreneurial spirit that thrives within the Charter family.

Who is charter automotive?

Charter Automotive has an engineering based sales process and has a global manufacturing footprint with locations in Wisconsin, Illinois and China. Focused on continuous cast iron bar products and comprised of two business units.

What is Charter’s culture?

— Charter’s culture is our strongest competitive advantage. Trust and empowerment define our culture and create an environment that engages our employees, driving us to strive to do it better. Together, we are One Family.

Who is charter wire?

A vertically integrated global leader in cold rolled and shaped wire. Charter Wire is a major U.S. supplier of the highest quality precision cold-finished bar, cold-rolled steel and custom profiles, and flat wire and standard shapes to a Blue Chip customer base. A tier-1 automotive supplier of engineered valve train and transmission components.

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