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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a charango?

The charango is a Bolivian/Andean folk instrument which evolved from the 16th/17th century Spanish vihuela de mano. It looks like a small guitar but has 10 strings separated into 5 courses.

How much does a professional pocket charango cost?

Professional charango kalampeador made of poplar wood for the soundbox and mahogany .. US$ 550.00 This small professional pocket charango which measures only 37 cm and presents seven strings arrange.. US$ 220.00 Professional charango made of poplar wood for the soundbox and mahogany wood for the arm...

What are the best chorangos to buy?

Orosco Professional Charango - Kina Kina... Concert Electroacoustic Charango Yupanqu... Concert Electroacoustic Charango Pachama... Professional Charango Butterfly Soundhol... Professional Charango - Ebony Fingerboar... Professional Semiacoustic Charango - GOD...

What is the best wood for making a charango?

Golden color Naranjillo is an excellent wood for making charangos--it looks beautiful but also it seems to be a stable wood when dried. On a professional charango the frets should be properly seated in the fret board and the frets tops should be level and the top of the frets should be crowned (i.e., rounded), smoothed and polished.

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