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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a charango chord?

In harmonic terms, the charango is tuned to a C6 chord (C major sixth), just like a ukulele (albeit with an extra course of ‘E’ strings). This can also be described as an Am7 chord, as the notes are the same as a C6, but in a different order. This gives the chord its own distinctive harmonic ‘feel’.

What is a double course charango?

The charango, like a number of other fretted instruments such as the mandolin, feature double sets of strings. These are referred to as having ‘double courses’ in comparison with single coursed instruments like the guitar or banjo. What is standard tuning for a charango?

How do I tune my charango?

You can find my recommended ones here. Another way to tune your charango is to use an electronic keyboard or digital piano. The easiest way to do this is to depress the sustain pedal (if you have one) whilst keying the note you’re tuning to. See the table below.

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