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Frequently Asked Questions

What inspired Tupac to write changes?

What inspired Tupac to write changes? The song is an interpretation of the 1986 hit “The Way It Is” by Bruce Hornsby and the Range, and was further influenced by the 1972 hit “Changes” by Black Sabbath. Bay Area rapper E-40 had interpreted the song already on his track, “Things’ll Never Change”, for his album Tha Hall of Game.

What is the meaning of the song changes by Tupac?

‘Changes’ by Tupac is a thought provoking song about the racism and discrimination people living in lower income neighbourhoods and minorities, especially in the 90s. Being a very popular rapper allowed Tupac to speak for his community and this song is his statement on the problems his community faced.

Why did Tupac make the song changes?

Changes (Tupac Shakur song) The song makes references to the war on drugs, the treatment of black people by the police at the time, racism (explicitly the reconciliation between the black and white races in America), the perpetuation of poverty and its accompanying vicious-cycle value system in urban African American culture, and the difficulties of life in the ghetto .

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