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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Tupac make the song changes?

Changes (Tupac Shakur song) The song makes references to the war on drugs, the treatment of black people by the police at the time, racism (explicitly the reconciliation between the black and white races in America), the perpetuation of poverty and its accompanying vicious-cycle value system in urban African American culture, and the difficulties of life in the ghetto .

Did Tupac write his own songs?

Tupac was faced with the struggles of being a minority in a tough time at a very young age. He moved around a lot in his childhood, and eventually landed in California. He enjoyed listening to music, especially rap, and found that he was able to express himself through writing and performing his own music.

When did Tupac originally record the song 'changes'?

The song was originally recorded during his tenure at Interscope Records in 1992 and was produced by Big D The Impossible (Deon Evans). “Changes” was later remixed. At times Tupac re-used lines from other unreleased songs because he planned to make an updated version at a later date.

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