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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the transactions that are included in the Statement of Changes in Equity?

Statement of changes in equity explains the changes in a company’s accumulated reserves, share capital and retained earnings over the reporting period. The main items of the statement typically include profit or loss for the period, issue and redemption of shares, dividends paid and revaluation reserves.

What is the purpose of a statement of changes in equity?

Essentially, the statement of changes in equity is a reconciliation statement. This statement reconciles the opening and closing balances on the equity accounts. Similarly, it also provides the grounds for those changes. For example, it may state the reason for an increase in share capital balance is the new issuance of shares during the period.

What is the formula for a statement of changes in equity?

The formula for a statement of changes in equity includes the opening and closing value of the equity, net income for the year, dividends paid, and other changes. Opening Balance of Equity + Net Income – Dividends +/- Other Changes = Closing Balance of Equity

How do you prepare the statement of changes in equity?

An easy way to prepare the statement of changes in equity is to take opening balances of equity, retained earnings & reserves, and add contributions made during the period. To arrive at the closing balance, deductions that occurred during the period are subtracted/deducted from the sum of opening balances and contributions.

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