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Frequently Asked Questions

What is change and continuity in history?

In studying history, historians recognise things that may change or remain the same over time. This concept is known as change and continuity. Parts of the past that remained the same or relatively unchanged over time are called continuities, while those that did not stay the same are referred to as changes.

What is change and continuity in thematic studies?

Change and continuity. Consideration of change and continuity tends to be a feature of period and thematic studies. The latter, in particular, make it possible for students to examine trends and turning points over time, looking at those dimensions which remain stable while others alter, and examining the varying pace,...

How do you evaluate change and continuity?

Evaluating change and continuity of an aspect of history is done by either (A) comparing points in the past with the present, or (B) comparing two points in the past. Understand change and continuity as a historical key skill;

What is the meaning of 'continuity'?

Continuity. Not all things change over time, some things remain the same across long periods in time, sometimes lasting into the modern world. ‘Continuity’ refers to things that stay the same, relatively unchanged, over time.

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