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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a metric and standard roller chain?

Many people don’t realize that there are both “metric” and “standard” versions of roller chains. PEER’s metric roller chain conforms to ISO British Standards and is dimensionally different than ANSI/ASME standard roller chain. This chain is not interchangeable with ANSI/ASME standard roller chain.

What are the different types of Metric chains?

There are several different series of metric chains, such as single, double, and triple-strand metric roller chains. These items are all manufactured to exacting standards and heat-treated to an exceptional hardness and durability.

What are the different types of roller chain sizes?

The metric roller chain charts below show the single, double, and triple strand standard metric chains we have but we stock more types/ sizes of metric chains as well, so if you don't see the size you need please give us a call.

What are the dimensions of a 32B chain?

(65.10mm) Special Order 32B 2 (50.80mm) 1.150 (29.21mm) 1.220 (30.99mm) 0.701 (17.81mm) 1.661 (42.18mm) 0.276 (7.01mm) 2.598 (66mm) Buy Now *Uses straight side plates. Special orders require larger MOQ's Double Row Metric Roller Chain Dimensions: Inches (Millimeters) Chain Number Pitch Roller Diameter Inner Width Pin Diameter Link Plate Height

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