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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CFO stand for?

What does CFO mean? chief financial officer, CFO (noun) the corporate executive having financial authority to make appropriations and authorize expenditures for a firm

What are the duties of a CFO?

The CFO is responsible for managing the financial affairs of an organization. Related Articles. 3 CEOs Vs. Chief financial officers, or CFOs, have a broad set of responsibilities, including budgeting, financial reporting and public disclosure, personnel management, as well as helping to create and oversee the financial goals of the organization.

What does CFO Mean Business?

The term “CFO” is an acronym for “Chief Financial Officer,” which is a title given to the person who is in charge of a business’ money and financial matters. Managing cash inflow and outflow is very important to companies of all sizes, and the chief finance officer is the person who oversees and approves these transactions.

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