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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better centrum or one a day?

Both Centrum Silver and One A Day 50 are good multivitamin supplements. Centrum Silver is generally better because it is a more complete supplement with more types of minerals. In addition, it is available in a chewable form, which is suitable for people with difficulty swallowing.

What is Centrum used for?

Centrum multivitamins help prevent deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. Centrum is a supplement company that specializes in multivitamins. They have a few lines of supplements, mostly geared toward adults. Their standard line includes pills for men, women and adults in general.

Is Centrum a natural or synthetic multivitamin?

Centrum's ingredients are all synthetic and include seven different chemicals, solvents or dyes. If you do not plan to commit to quality natural vitamins, then you should consider not taking any at all. Natural vitamins are developed directly from plants and other materials and only contain wholesome ingredients.

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