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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CDAC Council and who are its members?

Councils are made up of a chair and alternate-chair, who are members of the Wisconsin Conservation Congress, and seven citizens who represent various stakeholder groups. To find out if you qualify to serve on your county's CDAC, see the position descriptions below.

How can I increase my awareness about C-DAC's PACE Centre?

Awareness about C-DAC's PACE center is generated through 3. Quality of counseling received at the center 4. Quality of the course content in the PACE Programme 5. Satisfaction Level in terms of faculty 6. Do you receive sufficient lab hours?

How does the DNR review CDAC quota recommendations?

The DNR Deer Advisory Committee reviews CDAC harvest quota recommendations. The DNR provides deer season proposal to the Natural Resources Board. Once posted, the public can find the proposal on the NRB agenda page.

When will the next CDAC deer population objectives be set?

February: final, unaltered CDAC population objective recommendations are sent to the Natural Resources Board for approval. Because deer population objectives are evaluated and set every three years, the next meetings to discuss population objectives will take place in the fall of 2020.

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