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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in ccpulse+?

CCPulse+ code has been optimized to eliminate unnecessary data requests for information about application objects in Configuration Server. In previous releases, for example, CCPulse+ opened a connection to Configuration Server for each agent that was simultaneously added to an agent group instead of opening one connection.

What is included in ccpulse+ reporting and administrator's guide?

Reporting 7.5 CCPulse+ Helpprovides a detailed description of the application functionality. Reporting 7.5 CCPulse+ Administrator's Guidecovers system administrator topics such as action scripting, fine-tuning CCPulse+ configuration, and silent installations.

Why did ccpulse+ display the wrong value for the stateobject?

Previously, when a formula used the stateobject, and when either the use of the Peekfunction or arrival of certain statistics (such as TotalLoginTime) caused the formula recalculation, CCPulse+ sometimes did not populate data for the stateobject. In this case, CCPulse+ displayed a wrong value for the formula.

What is the ccpulse+ system and user locale?

The CCPulse+ host has a Japanese system locale. The user locale and host where the storage files are placed have a Japanese system and user locale. (ER# 121559815) The Call Center Objects pane (Tree view) and the Extended Status pane now correctly resize. (ER# 135550978)

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