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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I customize ccpulse views to display relevant information?

CCPulse views can be customised to display any relevant information for your team. This can be done by updating the views pane. Views will automatically refresh to ensure up to date information is displayed.

What's new in cccpulse+?

CCPulse+ now recalculates min/max values in charts and properly rescales the axis when an object is deleted from the view. (CCPULSE-1900)

What is ccpulse reporting in GWe?

CCPulse Reporting. Genesys Web Engagement includes standard CCPulse+ templates you can use for real-time interaction reporting. These templates report on the two kinds of Genesys interactions that GWE produces: Pre-engagement phase interactions are a specialized type of Open Media interaction called webengagement.

What is ccccpulse Genesys?

CCPulse Genesys. CCPulse+ provides you with an insight into what is happening in terms of telephone activity within your team and down to an individual level. As a supervisor or team leader you will be able to see whether your team members are logged in to take calls or engaged in other tasks.

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