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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for NJ construction credit premium adjustment program (CCPAP)?

Applications seeking a premium credit from the NJ Construction Credit Premium Adjustment Program (CCPAP) must be submitted online. CCPAP Online Application supports most major browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

What is CCAP software?

CCAP software originally operated in an OS/2-based local area network in each circuit court, with each network being linked to the Director of State Courts' Office in Madison. During the past few years, CCAP undertook and completed an entire re-write of all CCAP circuit court software in Java programming language.

What is ccccap's case management software?

CCAP's case management software integrates case file and court calendar information to help the courts function smoothly.

What happens when a CCAP case is closed?

When a criminal or forfeiture case is closed in the case management system in a CCAP county, the disposition and sentence information is exported to CIB. CCAP has been exchanging criminal and juvenile circuit court case information with the District Attorney IT Program (DAIT) electronically since 2001.

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