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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Charlotte County Property Appraiser’s office?

Welcome to Charlotte County Property Appraiser's Web Site! The mission of the Charlotte County Property Appraiser’s office is to produce an accurate and equitable assessment roll and increase public knowledge and awareness of the assessment process.

How to find out property taxes in Charlotte County Florida?

Charlotte County Tax Collector Tax Records (Florida) Report Link Search Charlotte County Tax Collector property and business taxes by name, address and account. Charlotte County Property Records are real estate documents that contain information related to real property in Charlotte County, Florida.

What does the property appraiser's office do?

The Property Appraiser's Office assesses the value of tangible personal property and presents a certified tax roll to the Tax Collector. It is the job of the Tax Collector to mail the tax notices and collect the monies due.

How do I bid on a tax deed in Charlotte County?

The Charlotte County Clerk of Courts now conducts all tax deed auctions online beginning at 9:00 AM. Bidders may register to view and bid on tax deeds currently scheduled for sale.

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