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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCAPP credentialing?

Corporate Identity: CCAPP Credentialing, Incorporated is a non-profit 501 (3) (C) providing credentialing services to individuals and registration for substance use disorder programs in California. Mission Statement: To license and certify qualified addiction-focused professionals towards attaining the highest professional standards.

How do I become a CCAPP individual?

Individuals can become registered immediately (initial registration only, not RADT renewals), upon completion of application and processing by CCAPP. In order to be processed, applicants must purchase the 9-hour course in advance from this provider:

How do I Send my Official transcripts to CCAPP?

Official Transcripts - Must be emailed to CCAPP from a representative of the school, and cannot come from the student directly. Transcripts can be mailed to the CCAPP Sacramento office in a sealed unopened envelope from the school If your school does not participate in transcript emailing.

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