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Frequently Asked Questions

Who reviews the education content used for CCAPP certification?

All education content used for CCAPP certification is reviewed autonomously by the CCAPP Education Institute, which is the education board for CCAPP Сredentialing.

What is the CCAPP registry?

In order to assist clients, employers and state regulators in the verification and referral processes, CCAPP has developed "The Registry" for identifying qualified treatment professionals in good standing with the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professions Сredentialing (CCAPP Сredentialing).

What are the phone hours at CCAPP?

Our phone hours are now Tuesday-Thursday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. You may also use the chat option during office hours. Chat is located on the lower right of this website. View the Code of Ethics and California Code of Contuct. Find out what happens if you violate ethics. Start your career in addiction counseling. Sign up for CCAPP’s orientation course.

What has ccccapp updated for 2019?

CCAPP has updated its reporting functions for greater transparency. Ethics status gives consumers, employers, and auditors the up-to-date status for each individual.

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