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Frequently Asked Questions

What are cap credentials?

The CAP designation is a professional substance abuse credential for people who assess, develop, and provide substance abuse treatment services and plans. CAP applicants must hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or higher in a related field.

What are the credentials for school counseling?

In order to work as high school counselor, individuals typically must have a master's degree in school counseling or a similar field, along with a credential such as licensure or certification. Master's degree programs in education include both traditional coursework and internship practicums.

What is cap certification?

The Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) certification, established by (ISC)2, helps security practitioners like you prove their knowledge and advanced technical skills to maintain and authorize information systems within the RMF. It does this by using the best practices, policies and procedures developed the (ISC)2 cybersecurity experts.

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