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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do on Thanksgiving Day in Marlborough?

Alcoholics Anonymous (every Friday beginning at 7:00 p.m.) Thanksgiving Day Family Dinner (1:00 p.m. for persons of HTAC, the French Hill Neighborhood & the local Recovery Houses and Shelters of Marlborough and Hudson)

What kind of clubs do you have in Marlborough?

Wyldlife Club (meeting monthly for middle-schoolers in Marlborough/Hudson and beyond...HTAC is a proud contributor and founding member of this ministry in Marlborough/Hudson) Young Life Club (meeting monthly for high schoolers in Marlborough/Hudson and beyond...coming soon!) Vacation Bible School (meeting one week every summer...please see above)

What is the St Mary's Anglican Church doing in Ghana?

St. Mary's Anglican Church, Kumasi, Ghana (our sister congregation) Missionary to East Asia (we support a young woman who ministers in a very dangerous part of East Asia sharing the Good News of JESUS!) The Bishop Donald & Trudy Harvey Legacy Fund (helping children's ministries in our diocese and beyond)

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