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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Minecraft world seeds be used in the classroom?

(You get it) My mission here is to highlight some wicked empowering Minecraft World Seeds that perhaps will work with Minecraft Education Edition and Minecraft Pocket Edition App in the classroom. Here are the first 12 worlds with a few kickstarter suggestions on how they could be used.

Is there a seed for a castle in Minecraft?

Download Seed. This Minecraft castle seed is quite unusual and looks more like a royal palace than a defense castle. Despite that, it has four watchtowers and some strong stone walls, so that means building this castle out to something even more formidable will be a somewhat simple task.

How to make a castle in Minecraft?

Here, we present you with a selection of some of the finest fan-made castles in the game. You can simply enter the seed in your Minecraft account (in Creative Mode) and install the map that comes with each seed ( here is a tutorial for PC, Mac, and Linux). When you install the map, you can use the seed to spawn near or inside the Minecraft castle.

Can I use seeds of success Pack 2 in Minecraft Education Edition?

Warning: These seeds may only work for Minecraft Pocket Edition until Education Edition sees updates. Following the the warm acceptance of "Minecraft Education Edition Seeds of Success Pack 1" here are the worlds that made the cut for Seeds of Success Pack 2.

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