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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “infection fatality rate?

This is called the “case fatality rate”. The second kind is the proportion of people who die after having the infection overall; as many of these will never be picked up, this figure has to be an estimate. This is the “infection fatality rate”.

What is the difference between mortality rate and case fatality rate?

Although they sound similar, mortality rate is quite different from case fatality rate. Mortality rate is a calculation of the ratio of people who die in a certain population. This is usually shown as number of deaths per 1,000 people. The calculation for mortality rate is:

What is case fatality ratio (CFR)?

The second is case fatality ratio (CFR), which estimates this proportion of deaths among identified confirmed cases. To measure IFR accurately, a complete picture of the number of infections of, and deaths caused by, the disease must be known.

How do you calculate the case fatality rate?

Calculate the case-fatality rate. Case fatality rate = (3 ⁄ 555) × 100 = 0.5% The case-fatality rate is a proportion, not a true rate. As a result, some epidemiologists prefer the term case-fatality ratio.

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