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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the mall in Charlotte NC?

The mall is located approximately five miles (8 km) south of Uptown Charlotte, North Carolina at the corner of Sharon and Fairview Roads. With 1,790,000 square feet (170,000 m2), SouthPark is the largest mall in Charlotte and the Carolinas, as well as one of the most profitable malls in the country with sales at over $700 per square foot.

Is Charlotte NC friendly?

Pet Friendly Hotels Charlotte, NC Classic southern hospitality is the foundation of Charlotte, North Carolina's charm, and the city's warm welcome extends to family pets. Charlotte is a vibrant, modern city that recently completed several major construction projects. The city is pedestrian and canine friendly.

What is a premium outlet?

Premium Outlets® is a portfolio of outlet shopping centers which brings together the finest brands in unique outdoor settings and offers impressive savings up to 65% off. Each center is a shopping attraction and destination in its own right offering:

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