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Frequently Asked Questions

Can too much cardio be bad for Your Heart?

Research for years showed that excessive cardio leads to the following damaging effects on the heart:- The risk of cardiac arrest increases seven fold. Causes long standing inflammation in the heart. Causes cardiac scarring. Hypertrophy of heart walls. Reduced function of the right ventricles.

Does cardio strengthen the heart?

You probably already know that cardio, or "aerobic," exercise -- the kind that gets your heart pumping -- is good for your ticker. It lowers your resting pulse and strengthens your heart muscle. That's why, as you slowly lengthen your cardio workouts, you're able to go for longer time and distance.

What is the ideal cardio heart rate?

Your fitness level will dictate where your heart rate should be during cardio training. Depending on what Stage of cardio training you are in, your heart rate should be anywhere between 65 – 90% of your maximum heart rate. You will first want to determine your maximum heart rate with the following equation: 220 – Your Age.

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