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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I file a complaint against Capella University?

Additionally, the state of minnesota passed a state bill (s. b.) regarding requirements by higher education universities must comply, with capella university’s report in the “harkins report” that is accessible for your review. file your “complaint” with the minnesota office of higher education (see below for contact information).

Who is the current president of Capella University?

Capella University President. Dr. Richard (Dick) Senese serves as the Capella University President and Chief Academic Officer for Capella University. Prior to returning to Capella in 2014, Dr. Senese served in leadership roles with the University of Minnesota Extension for 13 years.

Does Capella University accept non-APA degrees?

Capella University information is cited below, where such websites state, “students don't mind a non-APA degree”, and also citing that Capella University states, “graduates earn more income upon their graduating from its university” - which is false!

What are some interesting facts about Capella University?

Facts About Capella University: Capella University was the subject of an Education Department audit, which revealed that the school overcharged lenders and this department by over a half million dollars.

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