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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did WCU choose canvas?

One of the reasons that WCU chose Canvas was for the shift in student engagement and consumption of media using mobile devices. The best way to design your courses is, of course, using your computer, but your students will appreciate efforts to make the course more engaging, immediate, and easy to access.

What is mywcu?

myWCU is a secure portal for Applicants, Students, Faculty and Staff designed to make accomplishing tasks and finding information easier. The best desktop experience is attained with Internet Explorer 9 or later, and Chrome 30.0 or later.

What email address do I need to log in to canvas?

Beginning Wednesday, January 5, 2022, applications such as Canvas, myWCU, and email with username prompts will require your fully qualified email address when logging in (e.g., [email protected] or [email protected]). Your login will be unsuccessful with just your username.

How do I get help with canvas?

Need Canvas Help? Please visit: to check for any reported issues, or to submit a ticket if your issue is not listed. Call 828.227.7487 or Toll-free 866.928.7487 (Mon. - Fri. 7:30am - 6:30pm) or visit the Technology Commons, located on the ground floor of Hunter Library.

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