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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Japan's Camera Industry?

Camera shipments were down from 6.6 million in 2014 to 4.3 million last year. Japan has seen its consumer brands fade over the years as its manufacturers take a more B2B-focused approach. Nikon, one of Japan’s oldest camera makers, gets 60% of its business from selling to other companies, not consumers.

Is canon struggling in a collapsing Japanese camera market?

Canon commands a nearly 60% share of the Japan market in DSLRs, according to Tokyo-based BCN, but it has also struggled to minimize the effects of a collapsing camera market.

Where to buy secondhand cameras in Tokyo?

Here are some of Tokyo’s secondhand camera shops to include in your itinerary for treasure hunting the next time you visit. 1. Fujiya Camera (Nakano) Nakano is a renowned “camera street” in Tokyo, which means that it has many secondhand camera shops or photo labs that process film.

What are the best Japanese cameras to buy?

Check it out! Nikon F3 is one of the best selling cameras by Nikon. This one of the best Japanese cameras that offers high-performance, perfect ergonomics and with a sleek design! Aesthetically speaking, this Japanese camera is an absolute beauty.

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