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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the digital camera market in 2020?

The global digital camera market reached a value of US$ 13.1 Billion in 2020. Digital cameras, also known as digicams, are utilized for capturing digital images and videos that can be displayed on the viewfinder or live preview screen.

Are smartphones the future of commercial photography?

While smartphone cameras have more features that use AI and computational photography techniques, they still lack behind in terms of quality. Hence, the commercial photography market will always depend on digital cameras. However, the increase in digital camera prices is also expected to affect the studied market negatively.

What is the market size of smartsmart home security cameras market?

Smart Home Security Cameras Market Report Scope Report Attribute Details Market size value in 2020 USD 3.9 billion Revenue forecast in 2027 USD 11.9 billion Growth Rate CAGR of 15.7% from 2020 to 2027 Base year for estimation 2019 10 more rows ...

Which segment dominated the indoor camera market in 2019?

In terms of revenue, the indoor camera application segment dominated the market with a share of 40.2% in 2019. This is attributed to the surge in the number of burglary cases, which are drawing attention of residential households towards indoor security.

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