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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a calling function?

It seems that you are confused about the terminologies…… Well as the name suggests, a a calling function is the one which contains a function invocation ( or call) and the one being called is called the called function .

What is the difference between a function and a callee?

@Zippy: A function is the caller or callee with respect to a particular call. If g calls h, then it is the caller with respect to that call to h (and h is the callee with respect to that call). The g function could still independently be the callee of another call (e.g. the one made in f in this example).

Is calling a function the same as invoked?

So just to be sure, you're saying whenever a function is invoked, it's also being called, and it's accurate to say that "calling" is interchangeable with "invoking" (even given the distinction that it can be either a direct or indirect call/invocation)? Yup! I think so :-)

Is it faster to call a function directly or as a component?

Actually, when you call it as a component a new element is created with React.createElement (). On the other hand, the function is called directly. So, that explains a little bit why calling your function directly is faster.

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