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Frequently Asked Questions

What is California payroll?

Automated and accurate payments based on actual payroll. California Payroll focuses on businesses that help California grow, in industries from Agriculture & Wine to Hospitality and Non-Profit, just to name a few. California Payroll services companies with a wide variety of employee sizes, from a handful to over 10,000!

What is employer services online?

Employer Services Online allows you to access e-Services for Business, eWOTC, or SIDES E-Response. If you are a new user, you must first complete a one-time enrollment process. Forgot username? Forgot password? Enroll for a username and password to access Employer Services Online .

What is Cal employee connect?

Please enable JavaScript Cal Employee Connect This is a secure web-based employee self-service portal available to California State Employees. Access to password protected and/or secure areas of this portal is restricted to authorized users only. LoginRegister Access your paycheck and other earnings statements online

How do I register as a Cal employee?

To register, please visit: Cal Employee Connect . You will need the following information from a single earnings statement (paper warrant/paystub or direct deposit advice) from 01/2017 through current: If you do not have any earnings statements, please contact your HR office to obtain required warrant number and deductions information.

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