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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you file a complaint against insurance?

File a complaint or check your complaint status. Complaints against an insurance company. If you have a problem with your insurance company, the OIC can require it to explain its actions and make sure it followed Washington state laws and your policy.

How to contact the division of insurance?

Division of Insurance 1000 Washington St, Suite 810 Boston, MA 02118-6200 If you are mailing a fee or assessment to the Division, please check the particular instructions or remittance for the mailing address. Most fees and assessments should be sent to a lockbox address and not the office address. Calling the Division. Toll Free Number: (877) 563-4467

How do you report an insurance company?

Locate the contact information for the insurance commission in the state where the insurance company is located. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners website provides listings for each state. Go to the website, or visit the insurance commission office, a and fill out a complaint form.

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