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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I do log base 2 on a calculator?

Your calculator may have simply a ln ( or log ( button, but for this formula you only need one of these: For example, to evaluate the logarithm base 2 of 8, enter ln (8)/ln (2) into your calculator and press ENTER. You should get 3 as your answer.

How to put base log on graphing calculator?

“logBase (” is the name of the operation on your calculator that allows you to calculate any base logarithm (If you are only interested in calculating base 10 logs, you can just use the [log] button). To access it, press [alpha] , [window], and select the fifth option from the menu, logBase (.

What is the derivative of log base 2 (x)?

What is the derivative of log 2? the derivative of log 2 is (dy/dx)log base a (x) = 2/ ((x)ln (a)) ln (x) = a log base number, raised by the exponent. The formula for finding the derivative of a log function is

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