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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cal State East Bay have a student e-mail account?

All Cal State East Bay students receive a Horizon student e-mail account. The Online Teaching & Learning program strictly adheres to the CSUEB email policy. All notices, registration reminders, program-related updates and replies to your email will be sent directly to your Horizon email account only.

Is Cal State East Bay partnering with the Coast Guard?

Read More Cal State East Bay and the U.S. Coast Guard reaffirmed its partnership for the College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative, extending the relationship another four years. Read More

Is Cal State East Bay a diverse college?

Cal State East Bay Is Rising In the East The Wall Street Journal recognizes CSUEB as a Top 10 college in the west for diversity. Cal State East Bay was noted for its exceptionally diverse student body, ranking as one of the most diverse four-year public college on the U.S. mainland by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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