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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact the Eaton safety switch FLEX Center?

Contact the Safety Switch Flex Center (1-888-329-9272) or [email protected] Stainless Steel Flush Covers Frames: P, J and K. Breaker Frame Breaker Ampere Range Enclosure NEMA Class Catalog Number Earth Leakage Breakers ELFD, ELHFD and ELFDC (three-pole only) 15–100 1 surfaceSFD100E 1 flushFFD100E 3RRFDN100E 12JFDN100E 4/4XWFDN100E

What is included in the Eaton solution?

The Eaton solution is a complete package, including enclosure, disconnect, handle, flex-cable operator and all other necessary components. Features ●60–400A ●NEMA 12/3R and NEMA 4X 304 stainless steel enclosures

Where can I find part information for a replacement Eaton power switch?

Eaton offers replacement components, as well as replacement switches. Aftermarket part information can be found in publication TD00808001E or by calling 1-877-ETN-CARE (1-877-386-2273). V2-T1-98 Volume 2—Commercial DistributionCA08100003E—April 2019

How do I find an Eaton engineering office?

Eaton’s Electrical Engineering Services & Systems team can perform planned maintenance and diagnose problems as well as respond to emergencies. Locate your local office by calling 1-800-498-2678 or visiting and selecting the “Locate an Eaton Engineering office” link.

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