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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the color 0003 mean on a nameplate?

0002= 1NO/1NC auxiliary 0003= 2NO/2NC auxiliary BLAK= Painted black ORNG= Painted orange 0RED= Painted red 0316= 316 stainless steel 00NP= Custom nameplate

What are the characteristics of a 100-1200a safety switch?

●100–1200A heavy-duty safety switches feature a horizontal viewing window(s) ●Ratings are 30–1200A, 240–600 Vac, fusible and non-fusible. Available in NEMA 12/3R, 4X stainless steel enclosures Standards and Certifications ●Upper and lower window UL listed and NEMA KS-1 approved UL 98 ●UL listed File No. E5239 Seismic Qualifications

What are the UL 98 and CSA file numbers for shunt switches?

●UL 98 file number E5239 (600 Vac maximum) ●CSA C22.2 No. 4, file number LL69743 (600 Vac maximum) ●Enclosure ratings: NEMA 12/3R, 4 (painted steel), 4X (stainless steel) Catalog Number Selection Shunt Trip Safety Switch Note 1Auxiliary switches must be specified and ordered up front in the catalog number as a factory installed option.

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