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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cal employee connect?

Please enable JavaScript Cal Employee Connect This is a secure web-based employee self-service portal available to California State Employees. Access to password protected and/or secure areas of this portal is restricted to authorized users only. LoginRegister Access your paycheck and other earnings statements online

How do I create a calcareer account?

If you do not already have a CalCareer Account, please create a new account by clicking on the "Create Account" button. Getting a job with the State of California is now simpler than ever. Start by creating a CalCareer account.

What is the CSU system?

The CSU strives to meet all California students where they are, providing exceptional access to an affordable education. Available to all college prepared California students, a CSU education launches brighter futures with greater impact. The CSU system is comprised of 23 universities with nearly 500,000 students.

How do I transfer my planner to CSU?

Students Create an account at ​ to track your classes and then transfer your planner to your CSU application. With 23 universities across California, the CSU offers more access to diverse higher education pathways than any other public university system in the United States.

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