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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does a California State employee get paid?

In California, wages, with some exceptions (see table below), must be paid at least twice during each calendar month on the days designated in advance as regular paydays. The employer must establish a regular payday and is required to post a notice that shows the day, time and location of payment.

How many state employees in California?

State Employees. 259,255. California Population 39,466,855. Total Wages. $19,647,848,374. ...

How much state workers make?

There were 931 state workers who earned more than $200,000 last year. In some cases, employees’ wages are boosted by significant chunks of overtime pay. Two MBTA forepersons and wirepersons — John Devlin and Stephen Mitchell — each earned more than $190,000 in overtime pay, the highest overtime sums in state government.

Is ca a right to work state?

California is not a right-to-work state. In right-to-work states, an employer cannot require that you join a union as a condition of your employment. Since no such law exists in California, an employer can require you to join a union as a condition of employment.

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