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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ararcher C59?

Archer C59 helps your devices achieve optimal performance by making communication more efficient with MU-MIMO technology. ‡ Multiple devices are able to send and receive data on the best available band. Enjoy non-stop entertainment on all your devices—lag free.

What is the speed of Archer C59?

Archer C59 delivers high-performance and affordable home WiFi with total speeds up to 1350 Mbps. † Handle simple tasks like sending e-mails or web browsing on the 2.4 GHz band and bandwidth-intensive tasks like online gaming or 4K UHD streaming on the 5 GHz band—all lag-free.

What is Bill C-59 and why is it important?

Bill C-59 proposes a number of measures to enhance Canada’s national security framework with a view to keeping Canadians safe and also respecting and upholding Charter-protected rights and freedoms and the values of our free and democratic society.

What is the molecular weight of wnt-c59?

Catalog No.S7037. Molecular Weight(MW): 379.45. Wnt-C59 (C59) is a PORCN inhibitor for Wnt3A-mediated activation of a multimerized TCF-binding site driving luciferase with IC50 of 74 pM in HEK293 cells.

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