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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a simple dictionary in C programming language?

Section 6.6 of The C Programming Languagepresents a simple dictionary (hashtable) data structure. I don't think a useful dictionary implementation could get any simpler than this.

How do you implement a dictionary program?

It's program to implement a dictionary… It's program to implement a dictionary… you need to store the keys in an array the values in another array in the same order. That is the the nth item in the first array is the key and the corresponding value is the nth item in the second array.

How does the Dictionary implement collision resolution?

We can say that the .NET Dictionary implementation conceptually uses chaining as its collision resolution method, but it doesn’t use a separate data structure (like a linked list) to store the items in the chain, it rather stores every entry in the same array. Now we add some more elements to the dictionary, then remove two of them.

What is Dict in C?

dict.c is a simple implementation of a dictionary in C. It's basically just a linked list of key-value pairs. Take a look at ./test.c for a longer example. But you can make it and use the dict.o file:

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